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Question from Tatiana on 10-19-2012:

Is there any proof that people are born gay?

And if so, then what are the Church's teachings in reason. (faith must not contradict reason)

How does philosophy prove homosexuality is wrong?

Thanks so much for your time! God bless you and your family

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-28-2012:

Dear Tartina,

Both the Church and traditional philosopher judge homosexuality to be a disordered inclination, an unnatural one, because the purpose of the sexual act is to propagate. Without babies society has no future. Thus the separation of the pleasure involved in the sexual act from its natural result in babies is a disordered way of acting for heterosexuals as well as homosexuals. Only the married have the privilege of making love because the husband and wife are the the heart of the family, the institution necessary to have a stable and healthy society. Otherwise society became a jungle filled with people roaming about who have never had the experience of being loved by their parents during their childhood and youth. As you can see, traditional philosophers have made their judgments, not on the basis of whether there are genes producing homosexuals or free lovers who cannot be faithful enough to form a stable marriage or family. The basis of judgment is common sense. It may or may not turn up that habitual alcoholics, thieves, killers, liars and the rest are predisposed that way because of a gene. But so what! The way people are raised is a much greater influence. So the solution is for people to be raised properly. Indeed people are born with tremendous handicaps of brain damage, missing limbs, blind eyes or deaf ears. Yet they are still human beings who need special care. The same goes for those who are obsessed with sex either with their own sex or those of the other sex. The problem is one of education, the kind that forms moral character, not the technical kind found in the typical way sex education is handled today.

Dr. Geraghty