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Going back to the Church
Question from John on 10-05-2012:

I have been out of Church for most of my adult life. I returned last year. I went to confession, adoration, Sunday Mass, weekday Mass. I was even allowed a few times to present the offerings at Mass. Also helped out at a local homeless kitchen. This was while I was unemployed. Once I found a job it seems I left the Church behind. Now I am once again unemployed. I now feel the need to return to God. Can I actually expect to be welcomed back, yet again? Wouldn't this be offensive to God? It seems as if I only call on him during times of trouble. I know I should offer constant praise.even when times are good. Can you offer some sort of answer. I guess I am confused maybe. Also nervous.

Answer by Catholic Answers on 10-08-2012:


You are always welcome to come back to the Church, as many times as you need to return.

Michelle Arnold
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