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Shouldn't doing God's will feel better?
Question from Roxanne on 10-05-2012:

Judie, I'm afraid for my future. I've tried to make decisions in my life based on what I believed was God's will. Yet, I continually find myself insecure, afraid, and unsure. Does the presence of these overwhelming feelings mean I have not done what God has wanted, or are they indicating that perhaps I need to draw closer to God and rely more on his strength. I just feel that if I were doing what God wanted, I would feel more certain. But, then again, the apostles were doing God's will, and they too were often afraid. I'm confused and unsure where to turn, as I know many people are these days. What are your thoughts?

Answer by Judie Brown on 10-06-2012:

Dear Roxeanne

Feeling insecure about one's decisions and life in general is not surprising, even when we are trying to do the Lord's will. Part of our ability to trust in Him completely is to accept our frailties, choose to deal with them to the best of our ability as we offer them to Christ, asking for His assistance.

The greatest advice I ever got from a priest was this simple explanation: when challenges in life seem too much for you to bear, go into the Church and kneel in front of the crucifix, lay your burden down, give it over to Christ and then ponder the suffering He did out of love for you. He is always there for you.

It works, Roxanne.

Judie Brown