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Question from Kevin on 10-05-2012:

Hi Judy..I agree with what you said. Obama is in favor of partial birth abortions..which, after my Dad explained it to me, is horrifying. My big issue is same sex marriage..while I understand why the church teaches this, being gay myself, it's kind of a hard thing since I'd love to have a soul mate. Thank the Lord that he brought a great friend into my life..who is a Priest. He and I have become very close and he always helps me to see the truth. He told me to ask the Lord for help and explained that it is hard for me to see the truth on this issues because I'm to close to it..meaning it's very sensitive for me personally. I see all the couples married in church and it leaves me kind of sad, but my buddy says to ask the Lord for help in seeing the truth about love. I feel blessed to have a friend like this. God bless you and happy fall....Kevin

Answer by Judie Brown on 10-06-2012:

Dear Kevin

Indeed you are blessed to have such an understanding friend. I assure you of my prayers for you as well.