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Uterine ablation response.
Question from Larry on 09-28-2012:

Judy it is rare that i disagree with you or the good doctor you refered to in Uterine Ablation question.I'm the first to admit i'm not qualified medically but would like to believe God granted me some common sense. Which is why would'nt the surgery be the better choice as the body God he gave the woman is not working properly as another pregnancy it is apparent will only be miscarried and the woman could die.Some i've heard refer to miscarriages as Gods act of abortion. The point is even if the woman is medically sterilized she would still live and be in a position to adopt and give another child a home.Not possible if she becomes pregnant again and miscarries and bleeds to death.

Answer by Judie Brown on 09-28-2012:

Dear Larry

The question you raise addresses the actual morality of the surgery being suggested to the woman who is not chaste, and who could conceive again. However at the end of the day the physician who is treating her has to make a recommendation that he knows is in her best interest.

Dr. Dardano has treated so many women with similar conditions that his answers are valid, even when they might sound a bit harsh.

The woman in question needs our prayers so that discerns God's will for her and her family.

Judie Brown