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Uterine ablation
Question from Anonymous on 09-21-2012:

Dear Mrs. Brown, Thank you for all you do for pre-born babies. I am wondering how to respond to the concern of a couple who, after three successful pregnancies, suffered several miscarriages followed by life threatening bleedings. They were advised to undergo an endometrial ablation. My understanding is that the procedure is not only morally objectionable because of its contraceptive intent, but also because of its abortificient effect (the woman is 35). In addition, the procedure may result in an extremely complicated pregnancy, should conception and implantation occur in spite of the ablation. I would greatly appreciate your feedback.

Answer by Judie Brown on 09-27-2012:

Dear Anonymous

Here is what Anthony Dardano, M.D. says on this subject:

Uterine endometrial ablation is a procedure that renders one sterile and is not be recommended. This procedure not only renders one sterile but it is abortifacient as well since ovulation is not interferred with. The uterine lining is destroyed so that if fertilization should occur there is no place for implantation to occur and hence the fetus is lost. The only place for this procedure ethically is in the permanently celibate woman, the permanently infertile woman for whatever reason, and post menopausally when natural infertility occurs.

Judie Brown