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Re - re: life of the mother again
Question from wondering on 09-20-2012:

I wasn't referring to abortion in my question. I know that abortion is never ok. I was asking if a baby could be "delivered" not "aborted" early to save the life of the mother. This would not be to abort the child but to deliver the child into the world earlier. Labor is induced all the time when mothers are past their due date. Would inducing labor earlier to deliver (not abort) the baby be morally ok to do if the mother's life is in danger?

Answer by Judie Brown on 09-27-2012:

Dear Wondering

Sorry I missed your point. Of course a doctor can deliver a child early as long as he is sure that the baby can survive even if that means incubating the child.

However let me be clear: if the doctor delivers the child with the knowledge that the baby cannot live no matter what is done, then there is possible intent to end that child's life.

Judie Brown