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what is FAITH?
Question from Lorenzo Lowrince on 09-18-2012:

I want to understand what faith is based on Matthew 8:24- 27. Please enlighten me and if there is anything related that you could help me to understand about what faith is, please do share to me..thank you in advance. God bless.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-21-2012:


Before the Apostles got on the boat to be with Christ, they already had enough faith to realize that he was the Messiah, the special one from God. But they did not have enough faith to realize that Christ had the power over the waves and storm. They would get this kind of faith at Pentecost when the Holy Spirit would fully enlighten them and give them the strength to trust utterly in God. We can believe in God without trusting in him very much when the going gets tough.

Dr. Geraghty