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Catholic Politicians and Celebrities
Question from Asshur S. Lazar on 09-12-2012:

Why are American Catholic politicians like Nancy Pelosi, Kathleen Sebelius, Joseph Biden Dick Durbin and others like Caroline Kennedy Ms. Fluke allowed to scandalize the Church without hardly a whisper of indignation from our Church leaders? These people who are a minority do not represent the views of the majority of Catholics or the position of our Church. They are pompous, sef-serving, cafeteria Catholics who should be excommunicated since they have the advantage of celebrity to air their views against the Church and the views they espouse clearly declare publicly that they are heretics. Why are these narcissitic people allowed to continue to attack and undermine the Church with impunity and by extension all devout Catholics who are forced to absorb these attacks over and over and over. If these people will not conform to the teachings of Holy Mother Church they should be excommunicated until they repent.

Answer by Judie Brown on 09-14-2012:

Dear Asshur

The problem you have outlined is precisely what we are all wondering about. There is no logical explanation for what is going on in the Church beginning with the silence regarding those who persist in dissenting from doctrine in the public arena. The fundamental crisis as I see it is that power-brokering and tax dollars have replaced teaching and sacrifice for Christ.

As someone said recently, why can't we fire Bishops! That would be a start but the basic solution is to restore faith as paramount instead of the current god of human respect.

Judie Brown