EWTN Catholic Q&A
re: Missing Mass
Question from anonymous on 09-11-2012:

Woulding this person's trip be the same as someone on vacation? If we are on vacation and there is no where to attend mass, aren't we excused?

Answer by Robert J. Flummerfelt, J.C.L. on 09-11-2012:


In the US, I cannot imagine that there is a location for vacation where there is no Sunday Mass. If such a situation arises, and one is on vacation, I don't think it would be unreasonble to take a trip on the trip to find the closest Church for Sunday Mass. Also, planning ahead, one can plan a vacation around Sunday Mass to make sure not to miss. While theoretically if there is no Catholic Mass in the vicinity, e.g. if someone is away for work in a Muslim country (e.g. in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, etc.) and has no access to a Catholic Church or even Orthodox Church, then that to me makes more sense that finding Mass on Sunday is a true impossibility. But, avoiding Mass while on vacation does not seem legitimate in my mindset conforming with Church law. Only a true impossibility excuses for Sunday Mass absence and being on vacation is not in and of itself a basis for missing Sunday Mass.

Peace and blessings, Bob