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Casual Kissing
Question from IA on 09-09-2012:

My wife and I were visiting our daughter in college. I was stunned to hear her say that she was at a party, dancing, kissing, and having fun. After letting her talk a while, I asked if I could comment on her earlier statement. I began to tell her that it was not good to be casually kissing boys - the dancing was fine. That casual kissing was both unfair to her and the boy. I would like to find material -on a website's search function - that can help me, show her, why there are issues - moral, but even psychological - behind engaging in casual kissing, Even what it says about her. I tried searching Catholic Answers, but it only came up with a few books. I am trying to find a discussion presented by a knowledgeable speaker on this topic. Please help !!

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-14-2012:

Dear 1A,

Any suggestion from out there are good material on this topic?

Dr. Geraghty