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Free will of angels
Question from Diane on 09-09-2012:

Can you please explain free will with regard to angels and souls after death? I'm particularly confused in that Satan was able to choose to live with and obey God, or not, but in the New Testament Jesus commands the demons to leave a person and they have to obey. Even in rosary stories by St Louis de Montfort the demons obeyed the Blessed Mother to leave a person. Do angels and souls who have gone to heaven or hell have free will? Also, are the demons souls that have gone to hell or are these all fallen angels?

Please help me understand this a little better.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 09-16-2012:


Just because the fallen angels still have free will does not mean they will get everything they wish for. They are limited in what they can get. Only God is absolutely unrestrained in the power of his will. All creatures are limited.

Dr. Geraghty