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A 7th Grade Religion Class Question
Question from Mr. Dempsey on 09-07-2012:

As I was introducing my students early in the year to the historical Jesus, one of them (totally blindsighting me!), asked, "Mr Dempsey what if this is all not true? I mean , what if we're all just wasting our time"

I told him this is a deep question and deserves a deep answer. Subsequent classes have been spent teaching the kids about the mystery of faith, and connecting faith to things they already put tremendous faith in (electricity, flying, tv, etc)

I want to develop a sufficient answer to this type of question which would be sutiable for a skeptical adolescent. I apprecaite your guidance.

John Dempsey Science and Religion Teacher Holy Trinity Catholic Middle School Charlotte, NC

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 09-08-2012:

Dear Mr. Dempsey,

I am convinced that the witness of a man like yourself who both believes in God and respects science is the real power in moving the minds and hearts of your students. Be fair and patient in answering their objections. It may take time for the results to be known in the student's lives. But keep teaching the way you have done. Today students are not likely to run into more teachers like you. Do the best you can and keep teaching. Your faith will make you more and more adept in your teaching them. As you know there are great moral obstacles in the lives of students which make them reluctant to believe in a Church which takes the fun out of life.

Dr. Geraghty

Dr. Geraghty