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Choosing Hell?
Question from Anonymous on 09-05-2012:

I've been struggling recently with the concept of Hell. Either God sends people to eternal punishment, which many consider to be tyrannical (eternal punishment could be viewed as infinitely unjustice), or people send themselves which seems ridiculous. Why would anybody choose Hell just because they sinned? When faced with a choice between endless fire and endless paradise, who would be so stupid as to choose fire?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 09-08-2012:

Dear Anon,

The fallen angels were a lot more intelligent than we are. Yet they chose to see themselves as gods rather than acknowledging their Creator to be the One God. There is a mystery here in seeing how such intelligent creatures could make a mistake. Now human beings show that they wish to be gods who can do anything they please. They do not worry about an after life because they say there is none. And if there is, there will be only heaven because God understands us. Well, such thinking makes them candidates for hell unless they change their minds.

Dr. Geraghty