EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from Grace Fisher on 08-27-2012:

We have been married 35 years and one of my children (we have four living) has a child and lives with his girlfriend. We know this is not in line with our Catholic Faith and its teachings. When they visit our family home they have no problem with sleeping in seperate beds or rooms to abide by the morals and believe we hold dear. However are we right in thinking that we cannot visit or stay in their house even if they are in seperate beds or rooms. Both my husband and myself keep all communication open and have masses offered for him/them on occassions such as birthdays, Christmas and of course if they are ill. A set of parents who are not prepared to give up on any of our children. We will keep you in our prayers. Thank you in advace for your guidance Grace x

Answer by David Gregson on 01-22-2014:

If you refused to stay at your son's house, chances are that he and his girlfriend would refuse to stay at your house, and your lines of communication would be damaged. I do think it's a good idea that you ask that they not sleep together while you are visiting. That will prevent their thinking that you and your husband have accepted their immoral arrangement.