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Question from Jack Nassar on 08-20-2012:

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I met many catholic priests and nuns, some of them believe in the dispensational theology and even teach it in their churches and ministries, and others oppose it; and I personally do not know which one is a real Catholic.

Can you please send me the official Catholic position on the Dispensational theology and doctrine? It's an anti-Catholic one? Is it heresy?

Can Catholics believe in it and follow it and still be Catholics, or will they be considered heretics and ex-communicated?

Please send me the official teaching on why is a right or wrong.

Thank you


Answer by Richard Geraghty on 08-22-2012:

Dear Jack,

I lam not sure what you mean by the term "dispensional theology. Does anyone out there know?

Dr. Geraghty