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God and Evil
Question from Carl on 08-15-2012:

Is it not fair to say that God is ultimately responsible for the evil in the world especially natural evils such as tsunamis, droughts, earthquakes etc... since He knew before the creation of the world, that these events would transpire?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 09-15-2012:

Dear Carl,

Indeed God is responsible for creating the world out of nothing. Since God is good, all that he created is good. That's what the Bible says in the Book of Genesis. How come, then, there is evil in the world? It is because of the fall of the angels in the person of the Serpent and the fall of man in Adam and Eve. It is the evil caused by creatures of intelligence that makes for the difficulties of life. This evil is moral. While nature behaves in its regular fashion, it is the pride and arrogance of man that makes natural disasters the great evil to be feared. That move put the blame of evil on God, not on man. God is dealing with a sinful world. Natural disasters plus wars and famines are a reminders that we are not the gods we think ourselves to be.

Dr. Geraghty