EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from Joseph on 07-20-2012:

How could anyone enjoy heaven if he new that God was burning people in Hell? I believe all people are eventually saved. This is called Universalism. Also if God could not save everyone-how could he be all powerful? Even if we treat the"burning " as sacred myth we are still have some version of eternal punishment. It's like having a gun to your head and being asked do you believe in God .

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 08-22-2012:

Dear Joseph,

The teaching on hell is a stumbling block for many people today. They figure that they love their fellow man so much that they could not condemn even their worst and most cruel enemies to eternal punishment. Thus they reject the Church for teaching that Gos will do this. They are saying that they are move loving and compassionate than such a God. If they were God, they would not behave in such in way that seems to be a matter of pure vengeance. Even if such a God existed, they would not worship him. This is the stance the fallen angels took in regard to their creator. Many people today follow in the path laid out by the fallen angels. The basic question is this: who is God? Is it the God revealed by Christ. Or is it human beings who are the gods?