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Mormon beliefs compared to Satans
Question from Michael Montano on 07-19-2012:

My son has become involved with a Mormon woman. When brought to my attention I didn't give it much thought but after meeting her I felt something strange and couldn't put my finger on it. To be better informed about her religion and in hopes of understanding her way of thinking, I started reading up on Mormonism. Although MANY of their beliefs seemed contraditory to mine, what stood out was that the men believe they will become Gods of their own planets if they live the Mormon life. Isn't that very similar to why Satan was banned from heaven? I'm very worried now and I can't help but feel protective over him and a need to push her away from my family. Am I over reacting??? He has told her in very strong words that he will NEVER become Mormon but with the similarity to Satan, I don't want her near.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 08-22-2012:

Dear Michael,

It is true that the Mormons have a very strange set if beliefs which uninformed Mormons call Christian. But as you noted, the doctrines themselves are not very Christian, a fact known by the higher ups in that Church. But I doubt that the majority of Mormons know their theology or don't take it very seriously.It seems you have informed your son of the Mormon theology and he has informed the woman that he will never become a Mormon. But it is still up to him whether he will be still involved with the woman. Now both you and your son are still obligated to love your enemies. You must treat them with respect. But that does not mean your son should marry the woman or that you welcome her as an intimate into the family circle. While she be an enemy of the Catholic faith,she is most probably not aware of it. Many young people today are very ignorant about matters of religion. So deal with the woman gracefully yet firmly. Be tactful. Most young people are not ware of the religious implications of their actions, figuring that one religion or no religion at all is as good as another.

Dr. Geraghty