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Falsely Accused-Companionship
Question from Cy on 07-11-2012:

I was wondering if there are any bible verses that relate to being falsely accused.A few years a ago i was falsely accused of stealing an ipod. Now my uncle(an athiest) and his son have broken up the family and they claim it is me who has broken up the family cause i will not admit that i have stolen.It hurts because i have not done anything and i may never be vindicated. I was just wondering id there are scrpture passages that deal with this issue and what can i do for those who have falsley accused me. Also i am constantly told by woman how ugly i am and i am desperate to meet a soulmate, is there any scrpture passages to help me deal with this. Thank you for the time and i would appreciate an opion on this.Thank You and God bless.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 10-30-2012:

Most verses that come to mind involve false accusations by enemies, who do so intentionally to hurt. That would not seem to apply here. You can keep in mind our Lord himself, who was misunderstood and falsely accused and even put to death for it, as was true for the Apostles later and so many others who follow Christ. But be sure to distinguish between false accusations by the wicked versus a false accusation by family. I would think that your family would be more forgiving, even if they believed you stole from them. But perhaps there is more to this and a past history and other family issues?

God bless,

Father Echert