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blasphemy against the Holy Spirit
Question from Joe Williams on 06-17-2012:

Father, Could you please explain to me what Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is please. I believe I was already explained this as a child, but after reading a recent response to a posted question I now have some worry. I have gotten angry with God in the past and been pretty horrific at it, but it has always short lived and confessed. I know that I was wrong and want to be with Him in heaven. Where do things stand with me now?


Answer by Fr. John Echert on 10-30-2012:

When our Lord warns of the terrible sin of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, it is in the context of hostility from religious leaders and sect members, who obstinately refused to believe in Jesus, despite seeing his many miracles and other compelling evidence of his credibility. So that sin has been regarded as an obstinate refusal of grace offered by God to believe and/or repent. Since you have repented and confessed, you are good to go now. Clearly you are not guilty of the unpardonable sin, for you have now been pardoned. Now go and sin no more--at least not in the "horrific" manner of the past.

Thanks, Joe

Father Echert