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Where in the bible that says catholic church is the one true church?
Question from MARY on 06-06-2012:

i was just wondering where does it say that catholic is the one true church?


Answer by Fr. John Echert on 10-30-2012:

Catholic is a title that was applied to the Church within the first decades of her existence, given that the Church is one and universally found. Unfortunately, with heresies and schisms, the multiplication of denominations and religions has occasioned many assuming the Catholic Church is one among many. Not so. There has always been but one true religion at any given time in human history, by whatever name it is known. Christ is one, God is one (though three Persons in One), and the Church is one. The only legitivate distinctions are such matters as Eastern and Western aspects of the Church, etc.

Thanks, Mary

Father Echert