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Salvation of Orthodox Christians
Question from Frankie on 05-22-2012:

Dear Mr. Gregson

In the answer that you gave to the question Are Lutherans saved? you stated that salvation comes from Christ through the Catholic Church. A very conservative Catholic priest once told me that Orthodox Christians have more opportunity to be saved than Protestants because they have valid sacraments and most other means of grace with which the Catholic Church has been provided. They have a deep devotion to the Virgin Mary and pray for the dead. He told me that Orthodox Christians belong in an imperfect way to the Catholic Church because they are not in union with Rome and the Pope. But some Protestants are better Christians than Orthodox Christians. Some Orthodox believers dont attend the Divine Liturgy very often nor go to confession as they should.

Answer by David Gregson on 01-22-2014:

It's true that Orthodox Christians have access to more and greater means of grace than Protestants do, but having access isn't enough if one doesn't make use of it. Protestants who make use of the means of grace that they have (Bible reading, daily prayer, Christian fellowship) will grow spiritually more than Orthodox Christians (or Catholics) who seldom pray, miss Sunday Mass, ignore Church laws, and receive the sacraments unworthily.