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Transfer from Eastern to Roman Catholic
Question from henry on 04-25-2012:

I was amember of the Greek Orthodox church for 29 years but did not practice my faith devoutly. I became a Eastern Catholic when I married my hispanic Roman Catholic spouse. At the time I was not allowed to become a Roman Catholic because i came from an Eastern tradition.Since then I have attended Roman Catholic mass zealously, My two children were baptized/recieved communion as Roman Catholics and have attended catholic schools their entire life.I have aquired a deep love for the RC Church and the hapiness its brought me and my family. My question is if I were to ask for a canonical transfer to the Roman Catholic Church could I then enter into the priesthood. I have a great respect for the eastern catholic church but when i changed over from the Greek Orthodox I was told I would ave to enter into te melkite rite wich is primarily for Arabic speakers. My wife and children are spanish speakers and we all feel more comfortable in the RC Church. At the same time I feel a deep sense of calling to serve the RC Church in a ordained capacity. What advice can you give me?

Answer by David Gregson on 12-06-2012:

Apart from a special provision, such as is sometimes allowed for Anglican clergy who are married, and want to enter an Ordinariate, married men are not ordained as Roman Catholic priests.