EWTN Catholic Q&A
Question from J. Bertolone on 04-25-2012:

In listening to your program this week I noticed you named Judas in the same sentence as Hitler and Stalin but I thought Catholics had put that discussion to rest as to Judas being 'evil' In Matthew 27, 3 it says that 'Judas deeply regretted what he had done' and I thought that if you deeply regretted or were sincerely sorry that you were forgiven? We shouldn't blame anyone anyway not Judas, nor the Jews, nor Pilate as it was all God's plan in the first place and this had to all happen according to His plan. Thank you.

Answer by David Gregson on 12-06-2012:

To say that Judas played a part in God's plan doesn't exhonorate him from the evil he did. God foreknew from all eternity what Judas would freely do, and He worked it into His plan for the redemption of the world. This is an extreme example of how God can bring good out of evil.

Judas' regret was not repentance, which distinguishes his betrayal from Peter's denial. If Judas had gone to Jesus, even at the cross, and asked for forgiveness, he would have received it. Instead, he despaired and hanged himself. Read also Matthew 26:24, "Woe to that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! It would have been better for that man if he had not been born."