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Receiving Communion
Question from Paul on 04-25-2012:

I watch EWTN Mass On Line. I notice some people genuflect ,I notice some people bow, I notice some people on their knees,when receiving the Eucharist. Lately, I notice more people receiving the Eucharist on their tongue versus their hands. Shouldn't the Church set guidelines when receiving the Body of Christ, after all we are receiving the "Most Precious Gift" given to humankind.

Answer by David Gregson on 11-12-2012:

The US Conference Bishops allows Communion to be received either in the hand or on the tongue. The Holy Father prefers that Communion be received on the tongue but has not made it normative. Kneeling to receive is the old practice, which, while not encouraged, should not be discouraged either, unless it becomes disruptive to other communicants.