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Indissoluble marital bond
Question from PJ on 04-24-2012:

Please do not ignore this question, as so many have in the past. a) A marriage when ratified and consummated is indissoluble by nature; no power on earth can dissolve this marital bond other than death. b) The Church admits that her tribunal judgments are not infallible. Hence some declarations of nullity could be wrong through honest error, and perhaps known only to God, with no sin involved. c) Therefore, if in error a marriage is declared null and void by the Church, and the two parties go on and "marry" others in the Church, who then is really married? This is not a question of what is presumed valid, but rather who is really married (in the eyes of God)? Where is the indissoluble marital bond found?

Answer by David Gregson on 08-27-2012:

Since a marriage tribunal can err, and declare a marriage invalid, which is, in the eyes of God, valid, it may occur that a remarriage on the part of either spouse would itself be invalid, and the couple whose marriage was anulled are actually still married. However, in remarrying, they would not be guilty of adultery, since they acted in good conscience.