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Transgender Individuals
Question from Rock on 04-24-2012:

Hi, and I know this may not be the right forum but I need some information. With the rise in gay marriages in our country, and also the rise in transgender (sex reassignment via surgery). How does the church view a transgender having had a sex reassignment, and then applying to be a nun or priest, or parent of a child whom the parents wants to enroll in Catholic School? How is the church dealing with these issues?

Answer by David Gregson on 08-27-2012:

A transgendered person is still what God made him/her, despite hormones and plastic surgery. Medical manipulation can't change a person's sex, which is determined by his/her chromosomes. A female transgendered to male would not be eligible for the priesthood on the grounds that she is really female. Nor would a female transgendered to male be eligible, if for no other reason than her having undergone the procedure would show mental instability. The same reason would apply to a male>female seeking acceptance in female religious order.

As to the child of a couple, one or both of whom are transgendered, seeking enrollment in a Catholic school, there is no general rule on how it should be handled. Naturally, it's not a desirable situation, since the school would be obliged to uphold Catholic teaching, which condemns the sort of mutilation and self-deception involved in so-called sex reassignment. And that would place the child in an uncomfortable position.