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Living together before marriage
Question from Bridget on 04-24-2012:

I am in a dilemma. My sister of 17, almost 18 wants to visit my 25 yr old sister who is engaged and living with her fiance. The 25 yr old promised my mother that while my younger sister would be visiting the engaged couple would stay in separate houses. My mother refuses to give permission for my younger sister to visit. Do you feel that if the engaged couple stays in separate houses this could be allowable for the younger sister to visit?

Answer by David Gregson on 07-30-2012:

If the younger sister already knows her older sister is living with her fiance, I can't see what would be accomplished by forbidding her to visit, except to drive an unnecessary wedge in the family. Given the older sister's willingness to live apart from her fiance while the younger is visiting, she may be willing to speak to the younger about the inadvisability of following her example.