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Prayers to know God's will
Question from Roxanne on 11-26-2011:

Father, According to scripture, does God answer all prayers? I have prayed for a few years now for God to let me know His will for me. But I still have no clearer sense of what God wants me to do for his greater honor and glory. I tried to speak about this with a priest who is a friend, but the conversation ended up in an argument for which I hope both the priest and God can forgive me. I just want to make sure that what I do on this earth has some meaning to God in heaven. How best can I know what God's desire is so that I can make sure I am following a worthwhile path? Thank you for your help with this matter, and I hope you have a blessed holiday.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 10-30-2012:

God hears all prayers offered by those in a state of grace, and probably others whom God intends to save or finds righteous. So if you are in a state of grace, be assured that your prayers are heard, in the sense that God takes your petitionary prayer into account in his decisions, as He exercises divine providence in our world. Now whether the answer will be what we would prefer or be known to us is another matter. Important to ask for what we need, trust that God sees the big picture, wills what is best for us, and be content.

Thanks, Roxanne

Father Echert