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can you wear a rosary around your neck?
Question from chantalle on 10-11-2011:

I am wondering can I wear a Rosary around my neck as satan flees with the Rosary he hates the Rosary as you know and since this was given to us by our Mother I can not see why not as you can wear Rosary rings and braclets but I just want to make sure

Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 10-12-2011:

I know there are different attitudes about the practice of people wearing Rosaries as necklaces.

My attitude is this: If you use it to pray with, then I think you get to wear it around your neck. If you're just wearing it as jewelry, then you can't do that.

Let me clarify something you wrote: The Devil hates the Rosary prayer, not the actual beads. I actually think he gets a chuckle from the amount of Catholics who have Rosary beads hanging from the rear-view mirror of their car, but never once pray while they drive. To think the beads keep evil away becomes a form of idolatry, as if the beads are a magic amulet, and that has no place in Catholic thinking.