Sunday Mass
Question from Tom Schmid on 12-02-2008:

We strive to be faithful Catholics partakiing in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass every Sunday and weekdays whenever feasible. I look forward to taking part in the Mass. I recently underwent my third ankle surgery (ankle replacement surgery). I have a cast from my knee to my toes which I will keep for at least the next month.I have to use a walker to get around Following the cast, I will need 6-8wks of physical therapy. I wanted to go to Mass the first Sunday I got out of the hospital but was unable to do so due to the effects of the anethesia. The following Saturday I fell and was unable to go on Sunday since my wife was concerned that I might do further damage. I genuinely miss going to Mass in the worst way. I try to watch the Mass on EWTN daily but it's obviously never the same. My question is it a Mortal Sin if I wait to go to Mass until my cast comes off? I want to let this ankle heal properly since I've had so many problems in the past. But is this a sin of selfishness? P.S. Please let me know if I contacted the wrong person as I will be happy to resend the question. Thank you so much for everything you do! God Bless You!

Answer by Fr. Jay Toborowsky on 12-05-2008:

>>>>>My question is it a Mortal Sin if I wait to go to Mass until my cast comes off? <<<<<<

Dear Tom,

Having a leg in a cast with the possibility of doing further damage if you do too much moving sounds to me like an adequate reason to miss Mass. Obviously, one cannot use the cast as a reason to miss Mass, and then go out to a mall, movie, restaurant, etc.!

Do what the doctor tells you, and when you get the "ok", return to Sunday Mass. In the meantime, if possible, watch the Mass on TV.