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Our Father Prayer
Question from John on 01-25-2008:

When saying the Our Father Prayer at Mass.Our Priest always adds the final doxology "For the kingdom,the power and glory are yours,now and forever," on to the end of Our Father like the protestent churches.He says this makes the non-catholics feel more at home when they are in our parish.He also has our church standing at the Eucharist prayer during the Christmas and Easter season,telling our parish that this is a time of celebration and that we should be standing.

Answer by Fr. Robert J. Levis on 01-28-2008:

John, This doxology of praise is already part and parcel of the Liturgy. It occurs as the second prayer after the Our Father. No priest has the authority to rearrange the text of the Mass, no priest. But the priest can ask for standing at Mass since that if already the general rule (however, exceptions can be made and are today permitted.) Fr. Bob Levis