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Bible translations
Question from Reggie on 12-27-2007:

What are the Bible translation(s)approved by the Church? If there is more than one, what is considered the "best" or used most often?

Answer by Matthew Bunson on 01-04-2008:

This is a good question. It has been asked recently, so I apologize for repeating my suggestions. There are many versions of the Bible currently available, of varying quality and more important varying Catholicity. I would suggest a few study Bibles that you might find useful. These include: the Ignatius Study Bible, edited by Scott Hahn and Curtis Mitch; the Catholic Answer Bible; and the Navarre Bible. You might also find helpful Damasus Winzen’s Pathways in Scripture.

Given the number of translations that are available, with formal approval by the Church, there are a number of options available to you in terms of Bibles. I should add that scholarly opinion varies as to the best and most reliable translations – not to mention the underlying methodologies in the translations (e.g., dynamic equivalence). Having noted these factors, I would personally suggest the Revised Standard Version (RSV) – Catholic Edition, available from Ignatius Press. Another popular Catholic bible is the Douai-Rheims or Douai-Challoner Bible. There is also the Catholic Answer Bible by Our Sunday Visitor that relies upon the NAB. Readers no doubt have their own preferences.