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Fortune Tellers...
Question from Mary on 10-15-2007:

I know that it would be breaking the 1st commandment to believe in fortune tellers and to believe that they have any God-like power to predict the future. However is it wrong if you don't believe it, but rather have just gone for fun. I thought if it was seen as a entertainment and you don't believe it, but trust in it or make a habit of it, that it's OK. A family member told me that it's always wrong. Thanks for your help.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10-21-2007:

Dear Mary,

Fortune tellers usually take their work quite seriously. I do not think it wise for a curiosity seekers to play around with them. If they were just silly and empty headed creatures, the Church would not worry about anybody seeing them. Stay away from them. If you wish to play games, get a crystal ball and pass it back and forth between you and a friend and predict each others future just for the fun of it. Don't get serious about real fortune tellers. They are not healthy for your spiritual life.

Dr. Geraghty