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The Fatima Crusader
Question from BMS on 10-08-2007:

When I was coming out of church one day last week there was some small magazines on the table at the front door. It is called the Fatima Crusader published by the National Pilgrim Virgin of Canada. It is dated back in the winter of 2002. In it is mentioned a Father Gruner & when I googled him there is all kinds of information on him. Do you know if he is in good standing with the Vatican? Also is this a good Catholic publication? In reading parts of it quickly it seemed to be critizising some of the higher prelates at the Vatican & talking about the Masons taking control in some areas. It was very disconcerting to me. Should it have been available at my church? Thank you.

Answer by David Gregson on 11-27-2007:

No, Fatima Crusader should not have been available at your church. Perhaps copies were placed on the table without your priest's knowledge. See FAQ Fr. Gruner, Fátima Crusader, Catholic Family News.