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The blessing's of statues,necklaces,rosaries etc.....
Question from Ron Perez on 07-15-2006:

Ive been a Roman Catholic all my life, and baptized as an infant in the catholic church, and I am very faithful and strong in my catholic faith. My question was, why is it so important to have items blessed by the priest? Is this still an important aspect in our catholic faith to have blessing on articles.?Also what is the meaning of blessing articles,? I have an idea , but I wanted to confirm with you .

May God Bless you, Ron

Answer by Matthew Bunson on 07-19-2006:

A blessing is an invocation of Godís favor, by an official ministers of the Church. Blessings have a long and important tradition Ė they are recounted in the Old and New Testaments, and are common in Christian history.

Many types of blessings are listed in the Book of Blessings of the Roman Ritual. Blessings are efficacious as they sanctify a person or an object to divine service or ask for divine favor upon an object.