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Papal Vows
Question from Kathy Acquaviva on 04-25-2005:

Does the Pope still take papal vows or has the Church stopped that and why? Thank You.

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 04-25-2005:

Among the things sworn by the Cardinals at the beginning of the Conclave was that if elected they will faithfully carry out the Petrine Office, and protect the spiritual and temporal rights of the Holy See. I know of no other vows which the new pope made, nor the reason that the vows formerly made have not been done in recent pontificates. In any case, such vows are of human invention and can be dropped, even as they were begun by some pope deciding to do so. Once elected the Petrine charism is already present. The tendency in recent decades has been to remove all accretions of time not essential to an ecclesiastical office. This may be a case of such removal.