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Books by Benedict XVI
Question from Mike on 04-22-2005:

I was wondering if someone could recommend a book or two by Benedict XVI. I would like something that is not too difficult.

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 05-05-2005:

There are a number of books that suit the bill. From the 1980s there is The Ratzinger Report, which includes his views on the state of the Church at that time. There is an autobiographical volume, Milestones, as well as two interviews he gave to a German journalist, Salt of the Earth, and, God and the World.

All of his books are published in English by Ignatius Press, and can be ordered through EWTN Religious Catalogue. As you can imagine, Ignatius Press is swamped with orders, so you may have a wait of several weeks to get some of the volumes.