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Matthew Fox and our New Pope
Question from Bob Glassmeyer on 04-20-2005:

Recently I read some questions that Matthew Fox, a former Dominican, wished to ask our new Pope. He seems intent on calling the Holy Father a Nazi. Personally, I think the more Matthew Fox writes, the more wacked he gets (and I do not mean to disparage him as a person at all). What is the talk of the Holy Father's connection to the Hitler Youth organization, if any?

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 04-26-2005:

Ex-Dominican, ex-Catholic priest, ex-Catholic Matthew Fox is hardly a source for information, unless it is new-age nonsense.

The truth, as has come out amply, is that forced by the government he belonged, as all teenagers did. His family, in fact, was anti-Nazi. Forced by the government, he and all German seminarians went into the army, from which he deserted. Interestingly, while the British tabloids, not exactly fountains of wisdom or accurate information, have blathered on about this alleged Nazi background, the Jewish press and Jews, especially those who know him, have been very welcoming.

Lets face it. The liberal antipathy is about one thing - sex. As long as the Church teaches the moral law on human sexuality, they will be her enemies, without thinking, without the basics of honest journalism, but not without foaming at the mouth.