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Fraternity for Pope John Paul II
Question from Tim on 04-19-2005:

I would like to start a fraternity for Pope John Paul II; either a lay and/or religious Order. What do I do and are there any bodies as such currently dedicated to the life and teachings of Pope John Paul II. I am a layman but I'll do whatever is necessary to get this up and rolling for the New Evangelization! tim@pga.com

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 04-26-2005:

There is no short answer to your question. You would have to find a canonist who could help you maneuver through the Church's laws on private and public associations of the faithful. And, you would have to find a bishop, unless you are not concerned about being established as an entity within the Church. As Catholics, privately organized, you can do about what you want, as long as Church teaching and discipline is not violated.

The John Paul II Institute of the Lateran University, and its campuses (e.g. Washington, DC) is certainly dedicated to his thought on marriage and family life, though not exclusively. DC also has the JP2 Cultural Center. I do not know the specifics of their efforts.