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address of vatican
Question from Margaret on 04-16-2005:

I teach First grade ccd and the children made their own condolence cards. Could you please help me find an address I can send them to the vatican. Thank you Margaret kerins

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 04-16-2005:

You don't say to whom you want to send them.

The general address is:

00120 Vatican City State

If intended for the Cardinals, the Pope's closest collaborators, perhaps:

Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger
Dean, College of Cardinals

Or, if meant to be more personal,

Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz
c/o Apostolic Palace

The archbishop, the pope's close friend and secretary, will probably be returning to Poland, but the Vatican will no doubt be able to forward his mail. Given the outpouring of respect for the Holy Father, there is no doubt a large volume of mail, so I would not expect a reply. But you never know.