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Papal Election
Question from Len on 04-16-2005:

[1]The obedience of Catholics derives from Jesus' commands: "Go"; "it is written"; "Do not";"He called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority". [2]Regardless of which person is elected as Pope, the Catholic who is obedient to Jesus will be faithful to all teaching of the new Pontif. Why then, do Catholics in name, protest publicly their opposition or objection to any of the Papal teachings?

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 04-17-2005:

The same reason Adam did not believe God, it "appeared" to be not in his self-interest to do so. Pride and ego are at the root of all sin and all lack of faith, humility and charity (other-centeredness) at the root of all virtue and fidelity.