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So What Happens Next?
Question from Emmett Bowker on 04-02-2005:

Hello, Thank you for taking my question. I am 30 years old and as long as I can remember Pope John Paul II has always been there as the Vicar of Christ, the servant of servants, the person on this earth more than anybody else to look to when I wanted to know how to live the life of Christ. When I learned of his passing today I felt very similar feelings to those I felt 5 1/2 years when my father passed away. Forgive me, but what happens next? I guess I am just scared more then anything because the cornerstone of my faith (other then Jesus himself of course) is now gone. What is the process for selecting a new Vicar and how long does it usually take?

Answer by Matthew Bunson on 04-08-2005:

This question has been answered in a recent posting. If the details were not sufficient please feel free to re-post.