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Mother Angelca's response
Question from Elizabeth Schwalbert on 04-02-2005:

I have been watching the live coverage, both on your station and others. Since as you mentioned, Mother Angelica's mission and the Pope correlated so closely, can you relate Mother's response to the news of the Pope's death. Has she any words of wisdom for those of us trying to cope with the loss of the Pope? Thank you

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 04-12-2005:

Mother has been offering her prayers and sufferings for the Holy Father, but has not chosen to give a public response at this time.

It is clear, however, that Mother's and EWTN's mission was very closely related to propagating the teaching of Pope John Paul II's Magisterium. Founded in 1981 the Network, like so many people, has known only Pope John Paul II and his great patrimony of teaching and apostolic charity. So, in that sense the death of the Pope is an immeasurable sadness for us, yet one tinged with hope for the future of the Church and for the Magisterium of the next Pontiff.