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Garabandal Apparitions: The Pope Sees the Miracle
Question from Andrew Torrey on 04-02-2005:

I heard that in Garbandal, Spain, four girls received holy messages from the Virgin Mary, and I think Jesus himself. Anyways, one of them said that the Virgin told them that there would be a Miracle, and that the Pope would see it from wherever he was when it occurs. The girl, I think her name is Conchita, said this. Was Conchita referring to the late Pope John Paul II, or is she talking abuot his successor? Also, what is the church's stance on these apparitions?

Answer by Colin B. Donovan, STL on 04-03-2005:

I would imagine it would mean whoever is alive at the time. When this alleged message was given, Pope John Paul was a bishop in Poland, anyway, not Pope. As for the rest, please read the earlier answer to Wendy Winkler.