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Question from Hannah on 05-29-2004:

Hello, I know you are a Catholic but I was wondering if you know if the Orthodox Church has a teaching on contraception. I did not think it did, but then saw on another forum that it does not allow it. This may be a complicated question to answer because of the lack of unity within the Orthodox Christians but I am very curious. Thank you and God bless.

Answer by Anthony Dragani on 06-02-2004:


Since I am not Orthodox, I cannot speak for them with any sort of authority. For a more official answer to your question, ask an Orthodox priest. What I am about to offer is only my observation.

Concerning the Eastern Orthodox, their position various from Church to Church. Traditionally, Eastern Orthodoxy has always been opposed to contraception. In recent decades, some of the Orthodox bishops have begun to tolerate it. However, some Eastern Orthodox Churches are still opposed to contraception, as Catholics are. The fact that the Eastern Orthodox lack a unified Magisterium makes it very difficult for them to speak out forcefully on some moral issues as a unified body. Hence, you will find Orthodox bishops who disagree with one another on issues such as contraception.

For an Eastern Orthodox perspective that is opposed to contraception, check out the Stephanos Project:


God bless, Anthony