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Question from David on 12-16-2003:

John Paul asks for a "wide and generous application" of the indult and yet they are not given 'generously' if at all. As is the case of my bishop who will not allow any in his diocese. I have to travel a great distance on Sundays to get to an indult mass.

"I am of the opinion that the old rite should be granted much more generously to all those who desire it. It is impossible to see what could be dangerous or unacceptable about that. A community is calling its very being into question when it declares that what was its holiest and highest possession is strictly forbidden and when it makes the longing for it seem downright indecent" Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger

Quotes from Cardinal Ratzinger the prefect of the congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. or as Raymond Arroyo introduced him on the EWTN interview: "He is the Vatican's chief protector and promoter of Catholic doctrine, second in power only to the Pope, and certainly one of the most important men in the Roman Catholic Church today."

"The Second Vatican Council has not been treated as a part of the entire living Tradition of the Church, but as an end of Tradition, a new start from zero. The truth is that this particular Council defined no dogma at all, and deliberately chose to remain on a modest level, as a merely pastoral council; and yet many treat is as though it had made itself into a sort of superdogma which takes away the importance of all the rest." Cardinal Ratzinger from 1988 Latin Mass Magazine, Fall 2003

"I am convinced that the ecclesial crisis in which we find ourselves today depends in great part on the collapse of the liturgy. Cardinal Ratzinger "WORSHIP TIMES/MODERN LITURGY 8/97

"I was dismayed by the ban on the old missal,since such a development had never been seen in the history of liturgy. The impression was given that this was completely normal," Cardinal Ratzinger Catholic News Service, August 1997

"One cannot manufacture a liturgical movement ... but one can help contribute to its development by striving to reassimilate the spirit of the liturgy and by defending publicly what one has thus received ... What happened after the Council was something else entirely: in the place of liturgy as the fruit of development came fabricated liturgy. We abandoned the organic, living process of growth and development over centuries, and replaced it-- as in a manufacturing process -- with a fabrication, a banal on-the-spot product." Cardinal Josef Ratzinger from the preface of the book "The Reform of the Roman Rite" by Msgr. Klaus Gamber

One of the Catholic experts involved in the forming of the new liturgy Fr. Joseph Gelineau said "This needs to be said without ambiguity: the Roman Rite as we knew it no longer exists. it has been destroyed." Joseph Gelineau, Demain la liturgie p.10.

Fr. Anibale Bugnini headed a commission that included protestants set up by paul VI with the purpose to implement the Councils teaching on the liturgy. Fr. Bugnini stated that one of his intentions in designing the Novus Ordo was "to strip from our Catholic prayers and from the Catholic liturgy everything which can be the shadow of a stumbling block for our separated brethren, that is, for the Protestants." L'Osservatore Romano, March 19, 1965

Its also interesting to see the sentiment of the protestants involved with this commission. A Lutheran representative at the commission, Dr. Smith, said "We have finished the work that Martin Luther began."

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-16-2003:

Thank you for providing us with these quotes from Cardinal Ratzinger, who has expressed himself more than once on his own serious concerns about matters related to changes made in the Sacred Liturgy since the time of Vatican II.

God bless, David

Father Echert