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how to become a theology teacher?
Question from Monica Maria on 12-09-2003:

Thank you. I am a foreing student, and I will like to become a theology theacher to be available in the future to teach at the college or university. I live at Henderson, Colorado close to Denver. I visited the Regis University (Jesuita University) and they do not offered the program. I know Denver universty offer the program but it is not catholic program. Also, I asked different priests and they gave me the option to ask the Archidiocese of Denver and I will call today. However I read from the Register Catholic newpspaper "the theology studies in Denver, colorado it is not offer for a catholic university". Where do you suggest to go and ask?. I am looking for a master degree. I have a BA in bussines administration. Right now I am preparing my TOEFL test. Thank you. Glod bless you.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 12-10-2003:

I would contact the Archdiocese of Denver, as a first step, to determine what may be available, in the diocese or locally. As to other possibilities, you would probably have to leave the area, especially to find a solid program--anything less is hardly worth it, and may be dangerous to your own faith. Franciscan University may be one option, though I am not certain of what graduate programs they offer, or Christendom College. Perhaps my readers have some recommendations. Stay tuned to this forum for more ideas . . .

Thanks, Monica

Father Echert