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Why not virginity?
Question from Kathryn on 10/1/2017:

Dear Judie, I don't at all understand why young girls are not being taught virginity, and instead they are crammed full of at least three years' worth of so-called "sex education" starting in elementary school, which offers them all they "need" to know about birth control, condoms, abortion, etc. While I have no children, I'm a middleaged unmarried woman, I see it as ridiculous and frustrating when a girl/ woman can simply keep her legs closed. I'm a firm believer in virginity when a girl or woman, no matter the age, is unmarried. Why not virginity? Why bother with pills, condoms, abortion, etc., when there is a perfectly natural way to avoid the whole thing of getting diseases and conceiving? I don't understand why there "needs" to be sex in the schools at all, really. I feel, very personally, that it never belonged anywhere other than taught at home, a mother to a daughter, a father to a son. The world's claim of the "need" for so-called education is seemingly to encourage promiscuity so their WILL be abortion and diseases. God designed the male and female for marriage and procreation, and that has never been hard for me to accept, because I have always had a deep understanding and respect for it. My question for you would you feel young girls are being exposed to promiscuity intentionally, because the culture is just so turned off of sexual morality, and for the benefit (money)of Planned Parenthood? Or is it more a lax attitude that intimacy before or outside of marriage is a given, and these young girls need to be "prepared" because they won't save themselves? I think this culture is so grossly obsessed with sex it's unbelievable. I'm single, and I don't desire it at all. I'm just being bluntly honest, and I know you're the one to direct these kinds of questions. I get especially screaming mad when I think of the way an innocent small female child growing inside of her own mother's womb is viciously attacked and thrown away, when it wasn't her fault that she came into existence. Thankyou, may God bless you, Kathryn

Answer by Judie Brown on 10/5/2017:


Well, we at American Life League do not curse the darkness. We know that our educational system is broken and that young men and women are not taught the value of living the virtues as instructed by Christ and the Church. So we have developed the Culture of Life Studies Program, currently being used in K 1 12 in many Catholic and home school programs.

We understand the problem and we are striving to do what we can to save souls, save preborn babies and teach truth.

By the way, I appreciate your honesty. We need more of that in this world.



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